Besides the beauty, the cenotes, unique in the world, offer certified divers the opportunity to dive in the bowels of the earth, explore something different, float through caverns full of clear water, cave decorations and sunlight effects.

The cenote dives are typically shallow 15-50ft (5-15m), and are open to anyone with entry level diving experience. Open Water diver certification is the minimum requirement. The fresh water is extremely calm, welcoming you to a world of silence and rest.

The water temperature inside the cenotes is 75F (25C) year round. While the light effects are the most spectacular on sunny days, the caverns can be dived regardless of the weather or the time of year.

Cenote Xperience provides the safest and most custom tailored way to enjoy cenote diving from first-timers to experienced cave divers.

We are passionate about the cenotes and we want to share our passion with you. Our clients rate the dives that we provide to be at the very top of their diving experience



Cavern diving in the cenotes is available for all certified divers who would like to safely enjoy a unique and thrilling adventure. The cavern dives are conducted by a full cave diver certified by a recognized agency, IANTD. The guide is also a PADI open water instructor, with several years of experience and knowledge of the dives in the local cenotes, both below and above the ground.

The number of divers in a cavern is limited to four for each certified guide. The dives are within the day light limits, and follow worldwide accepted standards.


- Dive between natural daylight limits.
- Follow permanent guideline.
- Maximum depth 70 ft or 21 mts.
- Maximum 4 divers per guide.
- No restrictions.
- No decompression.
- Maximum distance of 200 ft or 60 mts. from surface.

We provide round trip transportation in an air conditioned vehicle, as well as tanks, weights, dive lights, entrance fee to the cenote, soft drinks (sodas and water) and lunch.

Starting from Playa del Carmen between 8:00 to 9:00 am, we pick up customers and we head to the south of highway 307, where more of the the cenotes are located. At the destination, we go through a detailed briefing, the explanation and review of rules for cavern diving. After performing the dives, we come back to Playa del Carmen around 2 pm.


  1. Aktun Ha (Carwash)
  2. Angelita
  3. Casa Cenote
  4. Chac Mool
  5. Chikin Ha
  6. Dos Ojos
  7. Dreamgates
  8. Kin Ha
  9. Kukulcam
  10. Ponderosa
  11. Tajmaha
  12. Tak Be Ha
  13. Tak Bilum
  14. Temple of Doom (Calevera)
  15. The Pit
  16. Zapote